Spring Symposium

Spring Symposium

So, I just returned back home from UNS’s Spring Symposium where we were educated by some of the top natural health care doctors in the world. From standard process’s Dr. Troup to Dr. Shayne Morris, a molecular biologist and grandson of the founder of Systemic Formula. The underlying current of this symposium was chronic fatigue, insomnia and sleep disorders.
It seems nowadays that no one is left untouched by these maladies. Sadly, some people suffer more than others, but we have all had times where we couldn’t shut our brains off, or laid in bed for hours on end tossing and turning wishing, hoping and praying that sleep will come soon.Others, however, have moved from occasion issues with sleep and fatigue into this being a lifetime struggle. With seemingly no answers or solutions.

But what if there existed a solution that was easy and didn’t call for mind altering sleep medications that left us commonly groggy upon awaking and unable to function at 100 percent. That would be a dream come true wouldn’t it?  A genuine solution to these problems. Well there happens to be such a solution and that is found by using a system of analysis called Nutrition Response Testing.

This system of analysis gets at the root cause of the malady and then finds out what YOUR body needs and wants to bring about an optimum state so that YOUR body can begin to heal itself. During our symposium these doctors and many more Doctors reviewed all of their current products that help in this area of suffering and correlated how using nutrition response testing and their natural supplements and herbs and homeopathic remedies have brought relief to thousand and thousands of people.

Curious? You have nothing to lose…call us at An Apple A Day Nutrition and Wellness Center to schedule an appointment today. One of our friendly staff will help you get started and find a brand new you.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Leanne Trostel, D.C.