In my office I have seen the gamut of illnesses, many of which are on the rise. Illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and the like are sadly common place in my nutrition/wellness clinic. In addition to these illnesses; I am now seeing a much higher incident of food allergies, ie. nuts, dairy, grains and sugars. Why is this I wondered, what has changed in our society and globally on our planet to give rise to such an increase in food allergies? Well, what I am seeing in my office points directly to the toxic chemicals that are being sprayed on our grasses, weeds and crops and the pollution in our water and air from many-many different sources. I realized that we are all a part of the big picture. We all can take action to lessen the harmful chemicals we use in and around our homes, the pollution being pumped into the air and water by changing our viewpoints.

When I treated my yard many years ago I decided to go with an organic company that only used substances that were safe for the land, animals and me. Yeah, it cost a little bit more, but in the end, it saved me a lot. Not only money, but I also in avoided the suffering others endure in the form of unwanted diseases, etc. I did this because I look not to what this planet can do for me while I’m alive, but what I can do to make this land better for generations to come. What if we all did that?

What if we all operated with the philosophy of, “what can we do to better ourselves, our families, our groups ( i.e. businesses, societies, teams), Mankind, our plants and animals, our planet and beyond.”

Do you think we would all be better for it? Do you think that this would increase each of our survival potentials, our happiness and sense of accomplishment for the greatest good? I find this to be true for me. I have found an increased amount of joy by helping others and being part of a group that is driven by a higher calling of brotherhood with Mankind and our planet. And after all what is life all about.  It is about helping and serving others so they in turn become healthier and happier and can help others in return. I truly believe in the “pay it forward” philosophy.