I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the age of two, my family moved to Lexington, Kentucky; which is about as close as you can come to God’s country.

I remember, as a little girl, growing up in Lexington.  It was a simple carefree life full of running barefoot across my neighbor’s grassy front lawns, eating brown beans and corn bread and playing with my friends. Every morning I would get up, eat breakfast, do my chores – either cleaning my room, mopping the floors or going outside and working in our 1/4 acre garden, then going out to play with my friends for the rest of the day, until my momma would call me in for supper.

Our suppers consisted of fresh veggies from our garden that we handpicked, a meat of some sort and usually fresh baked homemade bread. My mom was a REALLY good cook, and more than that, she was a wonderful teacher. Educating me on the importance of eating healthy nutritious foods. When I was young I was not enthusiastic eating all those “healthy” foods, but now as an adult, my body craves hearty, living, nutritious foods.

At the age of 14, we left Lexington and moved up to Illinois where we did NOT have a garden and veered sharply away from my grassroots upbringing. At the time, I thought to myself, “this is great! I can eat all the junk food I want- yay!” But something began to change. I began gaining weight and I didn’t feel as good as I used to, however, I didn’t connect the dots at that time. What I was eating was making me sick.

I continued this way of life until I graduated from chiropractic college and began seeking out alternative ways to eating and feeling better. After 16 years in practice I discovered Nutrition Response Testing® and the rest as they say, was history! I latched onto these principles full heartedly. I was inspired to help myself and others recover their health and well-being.

Then I met Eric, my wonderful husband, who just happens to be a farmer, conscious of giving back to our land what we take from it. He has not used fertilizer for 15 years and as a farmer he uses herd rotational grazing to manage his land and grasses naturally.

I was fascinated at how his farm flourished and prosper even without the touted “synthetics, fertilizers, etc.”.  I was amazed at how tall and abundant the grasses in his pastures were and I wanted to know more…A LOT more. So, I began studying about soils and regenerative farming and found that what I do in my clinic and what he does on the farm marry quite harmoniously together.