An outsiders viewpoint on glyphosate

So what is glyphosate? Other than being a very large word which is difficult to pronounce…it is a chemical used on fields and in gardens as an herbicide ( which means it’s a weed killer).

It is also a crop dessicant – it dries the crop, e.g. wheat, out faster so that it can be harvested sooner. Some of the other benefits touted include more even ripening of the crops and it corrects for uneven crop development due to climate challenges.

It is also an antibiotic, but not the good kind of antibiotic. It’s the kind that kills all the good bacteria in the gut, that’s right, it kills all of the good bacteria in the gut and leaves the harmful bacteria there to reproduce and cause massive damage to our systems leading to leaky gut syndrome and a host of other illness and syndromes. Actually, what has been uncovered is the fact that you would have to give glyphosate at 4,000 times the concentrate before it even touched the bad bacteria (pathogens) in the gut and by that time the chemical has already destroyed the body so what’s the point.

Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Round Up, a product produced by Monsanto. Monsanto was recently purchased by Bayer.

So what is glyphosate? Well from what I understand is that it is an herbicide. A herbicide is an agent that kills weeds. Now you would think this would be great, right? Wrong. And the reason this isn’t great is because of what it does to our body when we consume it. Well, why isn’t it good. Experts claim that we do not have the pathway that glyphosate kills and so therefore it is safe for human consumption, however, the bacteria we have in our gut do in fact have the pathway, the shikimate “probably to complicated a word” pathway, and this pathway is essential for producing aromatic amino acids, etc. that are necessary for our health that we can not produce on our own. Remember, when I mentioned that it was an antibiotic – this is how it negatively effects us. So when this pathway is destroyed, we are indirectly harmed. This has lead to autoimmune illnesses, leaky gut syndrome, a leaky brain- barrier and much much more.

“First hand accounts at office over 20 years”

Glyphosate is also a powerful chelator. A chelator is an element that binds to minerals/metals and transports them to other areas in the body. However, glyphosate is a very powerful chelator and once it binds with the mineral such as manganese it does not release it.

“ so we are gonna be deficient in these things”

Glycine is an amino acid.

Amino acid group and is being confused with glycine. So amino acid chains that need the glycine are mistakenly binding with glyphosate and this is interfering with the chemical reactions and proteins.
Which is leading to severe illnesses and diseases.

Also glyphosate is bad in that it can cross the blood brain barrier and take with it glutamate which functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Now the problem with this is that it is highly damaging to the brain in high levels which lead to increased activity in the brain. Glyphosate can also take aluminum across the blood- brain barrier and then deposits in the brain. And as research shows aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer, dementia and senility.

“Roundup used by more than just farmers “

“Sold virtually everywhere”

“So simple to use”

In my office, I am seeing more and more people who have gut issues such as acid reflux aka GERD, colitis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, Chrons disease, etc. But I am also seeing many many issues effecting the brain in adults and children alike such as depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, all in part or entirely because of the destruction of the gut microbiome.