What is Nutrition Response Testing?

What is Nutrition Response Testing and why is it such an amazing healing technology?

When I first got into healthcare I did so with the idea that I wanted to help sick people feel better. What I kept running into were people who had lost faith and hope in the healthcare system, but more importantly had given up on having a healthy life, one without pain and suffering.

This was not okay with me!! I needed to find a solution and bring it to my area so that I could help those who were looking for an answer to all the suffering they were experiencing many times silently, without anyone else knowing.

What has made us as a society believe that it’s ok to suffer, that pain is okay and something to ENDURE? Long hours at work, nutrient deplete foods and STRESS has battered each and every one of us to the breaking point.

So I started my journey. I started looking for a SOLUTION. And I finally found it with NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING.

This approach to health is the most exciting technology I have ever studied! I immediately threw all of myself into learning this system.

It is a technique that evaluates the person’s body and finds the areas that are stressed, sick and declining all of which are leading to illness and suffering. And from there we are able to find out what organ or system needs ATTENTION right now. Once we find that organ or system we find the EXACT nutrition to support the healing process within the body. In some cases it brings people joy and a pain free, vital and energized existence that they have not experienced in decades.

If you know someone suffering and is at their wit’s end or if this speaks to you directly, then call our office and set up a FREE complimentary exam!!!